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Lauranti, a young company, but with deep roots in time ... ... since the early 1900s, memories and stories, passed from generation to generation, tell of the great-grandfather, Giovanni Iorio, a handsome young man who fell in love with the young Cristina, with great strength of will and determination left for the American dream. Back in Italy, with his hard-earned savings, he will buy land on the slopes of Mount Pentime, in order to build a future with his beloved. The land had to be worked and he, perceiving its fertility and agronomic qualities, planted the vine on a substantial part of its possessions, becoming one of the pioneers in the area of this crop. The work in the vineyard far more numerous than the other types of cultivation of the time (wheat and forage) meant that the company was called a team of workers (nine to ten people "the graduates"). Hence the name Lauranti (workers) which also indicates the tenacity in completing a job, dedication and humility towards one's roots. The rather continuous presence of these teams, the management of the works, and the personal relationships meant that the dichotomy "a do i lauranti" (where the workers are located) was located in the territory, making Lauranti "locus": family nickname, indication of the place, ethics of that place. The vineyards, through a century, have undergone cultivation and processing transformations. But always in continuity, today as then, we treasure our grandparents' valuable advice and knowledge, and with passion we carry on the ancient values of the land and the family tradition of viticulture, reaching a harmony that creates the right balance and harmony in the countryside, in the cellar, and in the wines. The presence of grandparents often returns, working the vineyard, retracing the steps in the cellar, finding the proud roots, collecting historical traces that belong to the territory as to the family. A need for recounted memories and assets to be dispersed emerges, as evidence of a life to be protected, valued and promoted.

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VARIETY: 100% Aglianico
VINEYARD OF ORIGIN: Torrecuso BN (Taburno Regional Park)
ALTITUDE: 380 m.s.l.m.
GROUND: Clayey, calcareous-marly
DENSITA'D'IMPIANTO: 820 vines per hectare
BREEDING SYSTEM: Spurred cordon
SURRENDER: 60 ql./ha
HARVEST TIME: First days of November
COLLECTION: Manual in 20 kg crates at the full aromatic ripening of the grapes
WINE: Traditional in red, maceration with the skins at a controlled temperature
AGING: 20 months in steel, 4 months in tonneau, at least 4 months in bottle
COLOR: Intense ruby red with purple reflections
PERFUME: Wide with notes of cherry and spices
FLAVOR: Enveloping and elegant with notes ranging from chocolate to licorice
PAIRINGS: It goes well with second courses of meat (roasts, braised meats) and aged cheeses
PRODUCTION 2012: 6400 Numbered bottles
SERVICE TEMPERATURES: At room temperature, around 16 ° -18 °
ALCOHOL: 14.00%
BOTTLE: 750ml

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